Apparently AGDQ 2018 didn't have Super Metroid, so I had to make this instead.  (...and now it's SGDQ and I'm still attempting to finish it)

Summer 2021: I was going to see if I could try to finish it this week, but about halfway through the week I realized it would take longer, so my not a game this time is part of a game that was unfinished and is still unfinished.

Controls: Arrows to move, Z to jump, X or space to shoot (or WASD and JK), P to pause.  Tap for touch-screen controls (not recommended).

This is (still!) a work in progress and does not yet have an ending.  I'll Work On It More In The Coming Weeks.™

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Download (early version, what I got done for GMQ jam) 30 kB

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