A Metroidvania, but you can't move left.  Made for GMTK 2018 jam.

There are a lot of ideas I didn't really have time to implement (plus there's a falling-through-the-floor bug...).  Maybe I'll work on it more after the judging finishes.

UPDATE: It appears that a change I made at the last minute broke the ability to get the second piece of music.  If you care about seeing what exactly I got in on time, you can play the version here (the tune is in one of my comment replies on the submission page); but if you want to actually experience (something a bit closer to) what I was going for, you can play the fixed version on my website (with the knowledge that there is one small-but-important change there I didn't get in on time).  (I hope I did the right thing here...)

Oh, and I forgot to put the controls in the description.  Arrow keys and Z, or WASD and J.

This uses some code not specific to this game that I wrote beforehand for other games (including a simple physics engine, menu handling code, framerate handling, and some functions to make audio more convenient); I'm hoping this counts under the category "custom-built engines".


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love it!

How do you jump

Press Z or J.  You can also change the controls (click Options, then Controls).

(If you have a non-US layout, you may have to press the key where Z or J is on a US keyboard.)

I wants more! That is good. Any plans for full version?

Very cool