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I Wanted To Participate In Light Novelber 2019, But I Had Other Things Going On The First Weekend And Then I Got Sick And Then I Put Things Off Until The Last Minute.  I put off starting anything because I was hoping I could think of an idea that fit the theme, but I couldn't, so in the last couple hours before the deadline I decided to start actually writing a thing that I'd already made an outline for a couple months ago.  It's not done; this is just how much I've gotten done so far.  I'll probably continue it later.

This is a fanfic based on the video game Celeste; it's my first real attempt at writing any sort of fanfiction.  I hope it's okay that I wrote fanfiction…


reflection-man-novelber.pdf (what I had done at the end of November 2019) 55 kB

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