This is very unfinished; the beginning of the week I had low energy, so I only just now got to the point of having a way of loading levels.

My plan is to have a game inspired by two different games:

  • Super Mario Bros., and in particular to make a game specifically based on the first game, mostly ignoring later entries in the series. (I'm also trying to follow palette and screen size limits of the NES, but not using pixel art... as opposed to typical retro games, which use pixel art but ignore palette limitations.)
  • An unfinished, unreleased game that I started a long time ago called Super Cúahirodo Conil (its name is from a conlang), which was also loosely inspired by various Mario games (but had more SMB3 and SMW). (Character graphics come from that game.)

Controls: Arrows to move, Z to jump (or WASD and J), P to pauseTap for touch-screen controls.

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