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It's Mia's first day at Cali Co, the company where if you work hard enough you turn into a cat.  Or at least, that's what's supposed to happen.  A story about feline transformation and debugging code.

This is a story that's part of the Overtime Cats Antholojam.

You can download it as PDF below, or you can read it in HTML format on my website.

Content note: includes descriptions of gender dysphoria (sort of), and a brief mention of transphobia

Update 2019-06-25: There were some things in the original version I was somewhat uncomfortable with, so I made an updated version.  You can read about what I changed on my new author commentary page (contains spoilers).



why-not-cat-june.pdf (updated after the jam deadline) 152 kB
why-not-cat.pdf (original jam version) 151 kB

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