This is a game I made for the 2020 GMTK game jam, with the theme of "Out of control". It might take two or three playthroughs to figure out what exactly I did with that theme (things might not be entirely as they seem…); if you still can't figure it out (or you're stuck on part of the game), you can check out the spoiler page.

Controls: Click or touch to move and attack.

If you're playing this after the jam and judging have ended, I recommend playing on my website, since I tend to update games on my website more often than itch.

Dev high score: 3060

Update 2020-07-24: I updated this to a post-jam version; if you want to play the version that I got done in time for the jam, use the download below or play it on my website.  I also wrote some developer commentary, including stuff about ideas I didn't use, things that went wrong, and what I might have done differently.  (Updated again 2020-07-28, which made a major change to how fighting enemies works.)


Download (original jam version) 44 kB

Development log


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is this procedurely generated?

definitly a good idea, but it needs changes
-the ui needs to be bigger in my opinion
-its a little annoying that the information in the left doesnt dissapear after a few seconds

-it needs artstyle for the objects (optional)

overall, nice roguelike