First, she was trapped in a Möbius strip [GMTK Jam 2019].  Then in an infinite plane [Games Made Quick jam 2020].  Now where is she?

Wherever she is, space seems to be falling apart. And… something seems wrong with her, too. Like, a piece of who she was is missing. Was the question mark that still hadn't worn off from her last adventure causing her to question things? Or had the space falling apart affected her somehow? Or was there something deeper going on?

Help her navigate the disconnected space while she tries to find herself.

Made for GMTK Game Jam 2021, with the theme "Joined Together". (Joining together the portals joins together different parts of space.)  Developer's commentary.

Controls: Arrows to move, Z to jump (or WASD and J), P to pause.  Touch screen not currently supported; support will be added in a post-jam post-judging-period update.  Pause, then space to restart.  Alt-Enter for full screen.

The downloads are old versions (uploaded even longer before the deadline than the current version), just in case some last-minute change breaks something.  Play the embedded version (top of the page), not the downloads, unless I say otherwise or you encounter a bug.  (They're downloads, not off-site links, so they can't from be after the deadline, so I hope this is allowed.)


Download (final jam version) 20 kB
Download (old version) 20 kB
Download (older version) 18 kB


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Cool :) the last level had me stumped for a while but I figured it out hehe

nice brain game.

it's fun, but i have no idea how i won most of these levels. Overall, nice out of 10.