After escaping from a series of Möbius strips, the one-sided shape from One side, one jump finds herself in an infinitely-long plane. However, someone painted a question mark on her, so a platforming hero mistook her for an end goal. Fortunately, this plane lets her jump as many times as she wants; unfortunately, jumping is the only thing she can do. How far can she go before the hero catches her?

I made it for eevee's Games Made Quick Four jam, with the theme "the faster you go, the longer it takes".  (Also some aspects were inspired by nmccoy's Wavespark and Sonic 3.)  This is not as polished as I'd like, so I'll probably make a few changes a bit later.

Controls: Z to jump; or J to jump. Hold down the jump button to bounce; press jump in mid-air to activate powerups. P to pause.

Update 2021-01-11 for the 2021 GMQ jam: I added audio, and also wrote a manual and some developer commentary.


Download (original jam version) 22 kB

Development log

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